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Mobile Apps
Design, Development, Delivery

Do you need to develop a mobile app?

Perhaps you need a mobile app to support your business, or maybe you have a great idea that will be the next big hit on the App Store. Check out the mobile apps we’ve built for others, and let’s talk about bringing that great idea to your iPhone and Android.


Web Development
Web Design & Applications

Do you need a website, or a web application?

We create elegant and engaging websites and web applications that maintain the look and feel of your brand while delivering your content to your audience. Check out the web development services and applications we’ve delivered to see why Xorbix is a great fit as your web development company.


IT Staffing
The Expertise You Need

Looking for someone to help your team?

Xorbix provides IT staffing and expertise for a variety of services. Take advantage of our years of experience and the knowledge that our teams provide – we’ve worked with companies throughout Wisconsin and the U.S. for years. See what kind of IT staffing services we’ve delivered for our clients!

Our Clients

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As a wholesale technology solutions company, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver exactly what your business needs. Listed here are just some of the clients we’ve worked with in the past.

We provide both design and development services in order to deliver engaging mobile apps, web applications, and other custom software solutions. Check out our work to see some of the great mobile and web applications we’ve built for our clients!

Xorbix Mobile Development Process

Xorbix Featured Video

As a mobile application developer, we specialize in cross-platform mobile development for iPhone and Android. Check out the video above to see why Xorbix is the best choice for your mobile development company, or read more about our mobile app development process.

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Recent Work

American Society of Traditional Burial

Society of Traditional Burial

ASTB is a new association which promotes and advocates for the practice of traditional burial and remembrance of loved ones. To kick off the announcement of their association, ASTB needed a great website that would reflect their mission and message.

Loopideo: A Free Mobile App to Loop Videos

A Mobile App for Videos

There is elegance in simplicity. Loopideo is a free mobile application for iPhones and iPads that saves and plays your videos in a constant loop. You can play videos right off your phone or even from your Dropbox. Check out this great mobile app and give it a try!

Headsheets App: A hairstyle template creation app

A Mobile App for Stylists

The Headsheets mobile app modernizes the traditional headsheets tool by offering an easy-to-use mobile app for stylists. We emphasized ease-of-use in the app’s design to make it a great tool for students and professionals. Read more about Headsheets and what it does!


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